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1 <br /> I <br /> �tti®Fk <br /> Benner aglwada Office:(808)961-8272 <br /> �' enni er.ka iwada hawaiicoun ov <br /> Council Member District 2 South Hilo j f g� @ ty.g <br /> i <br /> AAI`I COUNTY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 2 <br /> 25 Aupuni Street• Hilo,Hawaii 46720 <br /> 1 <br /> i <br /> i <br /> Date: February 2, 2023 <br /> COWNCLERK <br /> To: Heather L. Kimball, Chairperson COUNTYOFHAWAII <br /> And Members of the Hawaii County Council MELVtm� 0:46 rE <br /> Rv <br /> From: Jennifer Kagiwada, Council Member <br /> Council District 2, South Hilo <br /> Ashley Kierkiewicz, Council Member <br /> Council District 4, Puna <br /> Re: Resolution Urging the Hawaii State Legislature to Amend Chapter 457J, Hawaii <br /> Revised Statutes, Relating to Midwives,to Permanently Exempt Birth Attendants <br /> From State Licensure Requirements and to Expand the Eligibility Criteria for <br /> Midwifery Licensure. <br /> Please see attached a resolution urging the Hawaii State Legislature to amend Chapter 457J, <br /> Hawaii Revised Statutes,relating to midwives,to permanently exempt birth attendants from <br /> State licensure requirements and to expand the licensure eligibility criteria to include all <br /> Certified Professional Midwives, including those who have been certified via the Portfolio <br /> Evaluation Process pathway. <br /> Thank you. <br /> JLK:slm <br /> Att. <br /> — <br /> a <br /> VTj <br /> Comm: Ngo <br /> W. Date_, 2M <br /> Serving the Interests of the People of Our Island <br /> Hawai`i County Is An Equal Opportunity Provider And Employer <br />